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Very nice kit

Made making paper cartridges for the ROA easier

Very well thought out cartridge maker for .44 CAL

I received my .44 CAL kit packaged neatly and with everything well protected. I am very pleased with this kit. I also got the wax heating plate with this order. Nicely made kit, helpful YouTube videos on how to use.

44 cal 100 Round Ammo Box
George Schwartz
Well made

Made in USA! Just what I wanted for my BP paper cartridges.

BP Lube

It works great but I bought a different cup warmer on EBay that isn’t warm enough. So I ordered a 110V one

Some success, but still experimenting.

I loaded 18 .44 caliber round ball paper cartridges with 20 grains of Tripple P FFFG and 10 grains of cream of wheat to match the 30 grains of powder the block is designed for, making each paper slightly longer for rolling round balls as instructed. I used several different types of rolling papers, the thinnest and most completely burned turning out to be "RAW" brand, but found I had to be careful not to get the paper wet with heated lubricant or it would try to tear open while loading. All cartridges loaded and fired the first time in my 1858 Pietta, but ramming the balls into the cylinder was way more difficult than just loading round balls as the added diameter of the paper increased how much lead had to be shaved off to load each ball and left much heavier lead round rings from each round. Accuracy was still excellent at 15 yards. I did have to take the nipples out while cleaning to assure all the paper residue had been removed, but I think most of the excess residue was from the thicker papers rather than the RAWs. I have received Johnson and Dow 220 grain bullets and pan to try shooting them this week before loading them in paper cartridges.

Garry Swain


The paper punch won't work after cutting about 20 end "caps'.

54 Percussion Sharps Paper Cartridge Former Master Kit

Cartridge Kits

All of the kits I ordered work as described. I plan on trying some of the finished products later this week.

Great kit handles all my needs

This kit handles all my revolver needs,

54 cal sharps

Really a nice kit

Great for holding my paper cartridges


It might be a little pricey but it was just what I was looking for works great next time I might purchase the slider top one to see which one I like best. Thanks Cartrigekits. John

Cool chunks of lead!

A bit difficult to load with the cylinder on the pistol. I suppose modifying the area above the cylinder would make it easier. But, they shoot well! Had waited a long time for them to come back into stock.

44 paper cartridge kit

Just tried the kit yesterday. Used the Lee mould. Everything went smoothly. Love the kit. Going out tommorow to try the loads in my 1858 New Army.

Time Saver

Cuts reloading time by more than half

I have already made 100 rounds...

Cup/Lube Heater
Bill Muench
Mini Heater

Works very well, about 45 min. to melt a full tin of lube. Maintains heat. Quick cool down.

31 cal. Paper Cartridge Loading Block

Once you get the hang of it. which is quite simple it is a great system Cant wait for the weather to warm up so I can fire them !!

Walker Paper Cartridge Former Basic Kit

Ruger old army wallets work great

44 cal. Paper Cartridge Wallet Slide Top

A pattern for the sides of 36 cal
Cartridge would have been appreciated.