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This paper cartridge former is just the ticket, easy and comes together beautifully, already made and shot over 100 homemade cartridges with this and I can’t say enough about how good it is.

Excellent kit!

This kit is awesome made my first old style rounds, round ball with charge Love it!...only down side the cutter could be a bit better. Other than that its excellent

A great lube for paper cartridges and greasing

I have used this on paper cartidges and Mini and Maxi balls and it works wonderfully

Very slick setup-works like it says.

I've successfully made cartridges for my 1858 Remington cap and ball pistol using your tools and instructions. I've also have made quick-loads for my .45 cal muzzle loading rifle using the same paper cartridges, a small amount of FFFg black powder for ignition, and a full charge of 209 black powder substitute. Fast, clean, and consistent results.

Paper cartridge kit.

I really like the kit and works as promised. It takes a little bit to get the hang of it but works great. It will be nice when I go shooting and I don’t have to spend most of the time reloading!

Great bullets for a fair price

Wedge Tool & Nipple Pick
william donovan
Good Product/Service

Got this hard-to-find wedge tool, better than the one I had 30 years ago because it has a nipple pick. Quick shipping.

54 Percussion Sharps Paper Cartridge Former Basic Kit

Very useful tool for making paper cartridges.

Paper Cartridges

Found it at first difficult to turn out decent cartridges. With practice they become better. If you are patient and with practice you can turn out good paper cartridges for cap & ball revolvers.

all paper cartridge

great kit all you need to get started making your own ammo except powder easy to use and lead

Cartridges made easy

I really enjoy your cartridge making kit ! true it's nothing you can't assemble yourself, but hey for the price and ease of use you can"t beat it! Good product.

Great option for a black powder pistol owner

Have previously purchased and used the 44cal kit. This is of the same quality and ease of use. Easy to make a box of cartridges so cam be ready for a day at the range.

Great Little Tool

This tool works great and I would highly recommend it.

.44 Dragoon kit

The rice paper works well.. but magicians flash paper works better.. Have been loading balls and different conicals. Still experimenting with papers. Satisfied with kit.

Prompt service

Fast and easy loading. Makes shooting much more fun.

Works well

Used it a few times. Works well, thE instructions on the website are spot on

It works

It works as advertised.

Great shot

When you want to go out and just have some fun. These are the way to go. Once you get into the groove on how these go together you can get a box together easily. Then when you go out its easy to reload your revolver and keep the fun going. I'm hoping to buy their 12 gauge set up soon.

I just received some FFF and will be loading some shortly!

It looks to be a very nice kit and I will try loading later this week. Have great time shooting,


Kit is easy to use and has all items you need to make paper shells works very good for me

Works Great

thank you.

Worth it...

Really saves time and convenient. Flexible as you are. I use it with tubes made (with the kit) from nitrated paper. Using with Eras Gone mold bullets. Outstanding!

Paper cartridge

One thing that turned me off to percussion shooting was the way I had to load, conventionally, the revolver. Lets face it the first loading isnt to bad, but the second and on are a dirty mess, I have powder spilling all over, and the lube just makes a mess of things. I still shot them but not as much. Now this kit makes paper cartridges, as easy as it gets, and perfect every time. Now load, ram, X 6, or 5, add cap, shoot, repeat, repeat, repeat repeat no mess no fuss. An UPDATE, I just found a 1000 non gouged priced percussion caps. I need to get me some more papers before everyone else gets into this!!!!! .

44 cal. 220 gr. Johnson & Dow