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should work perfect

Bought for .44 paper black powder cartridges and it should work very well for that purpose.

These are the best cartridge kits I've used so far!

I have yet to roll my own .54 Sharps cartridges as yet (supply issues with powder and caps). I have, use and love the .36 Colt and the .44 Colt paper cartridge kits. The .54 Sharps kit looks to me to be the same high quality and I look forward to giving it a try as soon as I can get my essentials back in supply.
Just a thought, If you are new to rolling paper cartridges, might I suggest that you start by practicing by using a grain such as grits or cornmeal instead of black powder as you start rolling your own. It handles similarly to black powder and although the kit works very well and the learning curve is a piece of cake, still there IS a curve and cornmeal is less expensive and cleans up easier than black powder.

Great product

The 44 cal bullet is a great product.

36 Caliber Paper Cartridge Kit

Great quality…. Fast shipping ….. Works great!

36 cal.

Well made bullets/will buy again.

Fast shipping

Great product and price

Cartridge kit

Great product. Has everything I need for my black powder revolvers

Great kit.

Let God sort em out

Historical Bullet Conical

Easy to load direct in pistol because of the tapered base. But, they are REALLY challenging to use in making paper cartridges. I thought they would fit inside the paper easier which they do, but I have a devil of a time getting base glues to paper using your cartridge kit.

Best cartridge kits I've used so far!

I've got the .36 and the .44 pistol kits and they are a dream to use. I started off by making dummy cartridges with cornmeal instead of real powder for a few test rounds. Now I'm in full production with both round and conical bullets and have the kit for Sharps .54 rifle kit on order. Oh boy!

Good looking bullets.

Have not shot any yet. I believe they will be just fine when I get a chance.

Sweet bullets!

Best option over most for the 1858, drops partially in to make loading a breeze for conicals. Well formed and prompt shipping, thanks again!

Looking GOOD!

I have not had a chance to fire these yet BUT I have loaded up a bunch of paper cartridges and I'm set to go make some smoke. Using the Cartridgekit tool is a dream and both the .36 Colt and the .44 Johnson & Dow bullets were easy to load and were a good fit in the cylinder (I made a few dummy rounds loaded with cornmeal to test fit). No need to modify my Uberti Colt clones was a real plus for me! I'll resubmit this review after a day at my, "home, home on the range". So far, I am well pleased!


Well formed and clean, priced well and at my door in no time, will be back in the future for sure!

I'm Catching on - Sort of

Pretty straight forward with the complete kit. Getting started was easy with everything ready to go. I have had difficulty seating conicals with about 1 in 5 success rate agt first. Round ball are much easier as they just drop in. All things considered, it is good for a winters night!


Easy to use. Well thought out kit. Completely satisfied.

Good stuff

All good stuff in this kit

bullet loading

have not loaded yet. but have had good luck with the sharps bullets. expect they will be just as good.

Great kit

They work perfect.

Sharps paper cartridge deluxe kit

Kit received perfectly packaged ! Kit constituted with absolutely all needed material to manufacture you own paper cartridges. No regret, perfect purchase, Thanks !!

Conical bullet

Very good conical bullets and is perfect for making cartridges. Will be buying more

31 cal. Baby Dragoon 77gn. Lead Bullet

Nice kit

Very nice kit! 44 loaded with no issues and cartridges look really nice. 36 has it’s challenges due to its size and probably the size of my fingers - inserting a bullet into the cartridge without messing up paper turned out to be an almost impossible task. I was successful only about 40% of the time but hope it will improve over time.

Cup/Lube Heater
It works.

Works wells but needs some weight to turn and to keep on. Heavier grease pan may help.

44 basic and Walker kit

There is a bit of a learning curve but the YouTube video explains everything. I've been nitating the papers as the regular paper leaves a bit of debris in the chambers.