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I am very impressed with this bullet; I've got a matched pair of Transitional Walkers and this is now my favorite projectile to shoot with them.

44 cal 100 Round Ammo Box
Jose Fernando Becerra
Greate ammo box

Greate ammo box, make sure to buy Two of them

36 cal. Paper Cartridge Former Deluxe Kit

Great mold

Talk about fast shipping it only took them 2 days from the order to get the mold to me excellent customer service
the mold is fantastic the quality and workmanship is second to none and I have seen a lot of different molds from many mold makers
hats off to our casting brothers in Russia

54 percussion sharps

Great product recommend everything they produce great workmanship

Highly recommend

Necessary item

A really fine product and was as advertised. Can't shoot black powder without it. Would be nice if there was some way to attach it to belt or possibles kit rather than loose in your pocket.

Ammo Protection

Great box for storing and carrying to the range - snaps shut tight to protect ammo from elements and spillage.

Nice ammo boxes

Nice, well made ammo boxes, at a good price.

Nice kit

This is a nice kit, and works well. Definitely worth the money.

54 sharps

I have a Shiloh sharps the chamber is only 1 inch long. So I have to cut papers before rolling them I could cut plug down but I don’t want to limit it to just that sharps. I can’t use loading block too. Other than that it’s a well thought out kit.

44 cal 100 Round Ammo Box
Kenneth Benjamin

Both the 36 and 44 box’s work great thanks for the speedy service and the box’s Thank you.

Very nice

I was told how to do this by a friend but did not understand. Now with this kit and online video. I made 4 my 1st day. 4th one came out perfect. After that, that same night I ordered 3 more for my 3 pistols.

Brass Tapping Rod
Roger null

Works great had to replace the old one I had

260gr for Walker and 2nd Model Dragoon

I was lucky and the 260 gr fit into my Walker without modifying the gun or the bullets. I have a Uberti 2nd Model Dragoon coming in a couple of days. I hope they fit it as well as they fit my Walker! Will update about accuracy ASAP.

Makes perfect cartridges;

Although I haven't had time to test them on the range, I can say that the cartridges come out factory perfect. The dipper measures out to 40 grains by volume, which isn't a bad load for the Walker.

Make the kit better!

It would make the kit Better if a pattern for the paper was included!!

Good lube

I have not used it yet but looks good Thanks

36 cal 100 Round Ammo Box
Kenneth Benjamin
Wrong box

I order a 44 cal box you sent a 36 cal box

Sharps cast bullets

These are very well made and period correct the cartridges made from these work great. Well done.

1847 Walker

Can’t wait to try it

Good product

This paper cartridge loading block works very well. Once I've formed the cartridge, filled it with powder, and added a bullet, the block is a temporary stand before I coat the bullet with melted lube. Once the lube is dried, I transfer everything to a cartridge box. I recommend this product.

Bullets are well formed. Slightly too long for my revolver. Loading is possible but takes a little maneuvering to get it under the rammer with my paper cartridge.

44cal walker bullets

Excellent actually improved accuracy

Richmond Labs' Hard Hitter

This 150 gr conical loads well and shoots even better than the .375 dia. round ball. I recently loaded up a couple cylinders full loads of this conical in a paper cartridge and can't wait to see how they perform . Worth giving them a try .

pleased as can be

I'm very pleased to have the J & D bullets; they're quite easy to load.