12 Gauge Paper Cartridge Wallets (PATENT PENDING)

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Our patent pending paper cartridge wallets transforms the Diablo from a novelty gun into a genuine carry weapon. Because even though the cartridges are pretty robust when made from the end wraps, they are still bit floppy paper cartridges with an ounce or more of lead on the end.
The wallets hold four paper cartridges, and four 209 primers.  They are available with and without a brass ramrod.
There are three sizes. 


Small: These just fit a slug and gas seal, as you see in our instructional video. There is intentionally not a lot of wasted space for the cartridges to slam back and forth as it carries around with you. With 100 grains of powder, the lid just closes over the top.

Medium: With the same 100 grains of powder, these fit most of the specialty slug/wad combinations, like the SlugsRUs.com slug, and the Ballisticproducts.com dangerous game slugs, and the Lightfield slug. They also will fit a standard grey Winchester wad, which works great with the Lee 12ga bullet mold slug, and roundballs. There is a little room left at the top to accommodate different slugs and perhaps a heavier charge.
Large: If you plan to carry the 3" wad from our video with buckshot, this large size fits it well. There is a small space left above the paper cartridge to accommodate for a potentially heavier charge.