Cup/Lube Heater
Cup/Lube Heater

Cup/Lube Heater


(Product may be slightly different from what is shown in the pictures)

This is a cup heater meant to keep your coffee warm. But we figured out that it is ideal for keeping your lube hot while you are dipping.  Keeping the lube hot and thin extends its life by several times, reaching up to 200 rounds with the original can, or one of our refill pucks. 

The one annoying thing about it is that the lube can isn't heavy enough to activate it. You have to put a weight on the heel to click the button. 
This is a new 110v version that we were able to sell at the same price as our 5v version that requires a separate phone charger. It keeps the lube very hot, so much so that it will turn it brown if left overnight. It is the ideal partner for long sessions of paper cartridge making before a match or range trip. 

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Customer Reviews

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Peter Sorensen
Have purchased several for different locations . Simple to setup and use.


Russ Bossard

Cup/Lube Heater

Eric K.
Lube can heater

This works but it takes a long while for the lube to melt. The lube can is too small. You should use a larger can like a tuna can with a snap on plastic cover.

Paul Hendrick
Great product

This thing really works. It's efficient and helpful. Can't ask for more than that.

Jacob Marley
Looks like a good system

I haven't used this cup holder and the lube yet but it looks like a great system for looming black powder paper cartridges. I can't wait to get some lead balls cast, so I can try it out.