54 Richmond Sharps Bullets
54 Richmond Sharps Bullets
54 Richmond Sharps Bullets
54 Richmond Sharps Bullets

54 Richmond Sharps Bullets

Size: 20 Rounds
20 Rounds
These are reproductions of actual bullets produced by the Confederacy, hand cast from Eras Gone bullet molds. They cast at just over 500 grains, and are the bullets that our Percussion Sharps cartridge kit was designed for. The long skirt allows you to adjust your catridge to any chamber size.Bullets are only available when ordering a paper cartridge kit or If you have ordered a paper cartridge kit in the pastAll other bullet orders will be canceled

Customer Reviews

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Kent Johnson
Looking forward

Have not had a chance to try the sharps kit , weather permitting might be awhile.
I have a Garrett Sharps, have been a CW reanactor since early 1990’s. (Artillery) owned my own full scale 6 pounder.
Very familiar with all aspects of BP shooting. The Richmond bullet’s look first rate, and kit should be easy to figure out.
Everything looks good and well made.
Will let you know.
K John


shoot great.

Jeff Ames
Allows me to relive history

These 54 Richmond Sharps Bullets and cartridge kit allow me to shoot an original Sharps Carbine that's been in the family almost 100 years. I just wish I could have got these 40 years ago so my Dad could have shot this gun. Well made simple to use these allow me to relive the history of this Sharps!

lewis mcfadden
Sharps cast bullets

These are very well made and period correct the cartridges made from these work great. Well done.

Rodney Cooper
Great bullet

This is the bullet to use with the star and Bullock cartridge kit. I tried using the Sharps standard ring tail bullet and they don’t work near as well. The 54 Richmond Sharps bullet is the one to use!! Thanks Star and Bullock.