44 cal. Paper Cartridge Former Basic Kit
44 cal. Paper Cartridge Former Basic Kit
44 cal. Paper Cartridge Former Basic Kit
44 cal. Paper Cartridge Former Basic Kit
44 cal. Paper Cartridge Former Basic Kit

44 cal. Paper Cartridge Former Basic Kit

This is our Basic Kit, meaning that you will have to get your own 1/2" or 5/8" circle cutter online, as well as All Purpose glue sticks (not school glue), rolling papers, and lube. We strongly suggest the rice paper rolling papers offered in our kits. Lube can be made easily with 50/50 beeswax and beef tallow, which are on eBay. 

The kit comes with the two piece knob and block for this specific caliber, calibers, or in some cases a specific gun. It also includes the powder dipper or dippers for the correct height of powder, and one funnel, regardless of how many sets you are purchasing. 

All of our kits are engineered to fill the chamber so that the top of a conical bullet reaches the very top of the chamber when compressed with the loading lever. Slight variances in height can be obtained by how much you fill or overfill the dipper. 

For lower power target loads, you fill the powder first, for how much you want to use, then top it off with Cream of Wheat to about an 8th of an inch below the rim of the paper.
For roundballs, if you want them topped right up, you should fill the dipper to overflowing, with a little on the handle.
Experiment with your gun so that you don't run into a situation where the bullet or ball will not compress enough to clear the cylinder. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
If you do get stuck, which most of us have, take your cylinder out and hacksaw the top off of the bullet.

None of our kits come with gunpowder, bullets, caps, or of course the guns in the pictures. Our measurements are based on our experience, and you use them at your own risk.

This .44 caliber kit has been engineered specifically for the Johnson & Dow bullet from Eras Gone Bullet Molds. If you fill the dipper just so that the rim has no powder on it, the top of the bullet will be at the edge of the cylinder.  
Note that the J&D bullet DOES NOT FIT IN A .44 51 NAVY. 
You can use our brass tapping rod, or any other rod that won't damage your gun to start the bullet so that it clears the entry port. 

Customer Reviews

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Garry Swain
Some success, but still experimenting.

I loaded 18 .44 caliber round ball paper cartridges with 20 grains of Tripple P FFFG and 10 grains of cream of wheat to match the 30 grains of powder the block is designed for, making each paper slightly longer for rolling round balls as instructed. I used several different types of rolling papers, the thinnest and most completely burned turning out to be "RAW" brand, but found I had to be careful not to get the paper wet with heated lubricant or it would try to tear open while loading. All cartridges loaded and fired the first time in my 1858 Pietta, but ramming the balls into the cylinder was way more difficult than just loading round balls as the added diameter of the paper increased how much lead had to be shaved off to load each ball and left much heavier lead round rings from each round. Accuracy was still excellent at 15 yards. I did have to take the nipples out while cleaning to assure all the paper residue had been removed, but I think most of the excess residue was from the thicker papers rather than the RAWs. I have received Johnson and Dow 220 grain bullets and pan to try shooting them this week before loading them in paper cartridges.

Garry Swain

David Carlson
44 basic and Walker kit

There is a bit of a learning curve but the YouTube video explains everything. I've been nitating the papers as the regular paper leaves a bit of debris in the chambers.

Winston Ausbrooks

Good deal!

Terri Newman
Make the kit better!

It would make the kit Better if a pattern for the paper was included!!

Kenneth Yorke
Works great.

No complaints, I love reloading and fabricating. Took some experimentation to get just the right powder charges, and size of paper for ball and bullet. But I enjoyed that. Basic kit was all I needed and the price was right. It works perfectly for me.