36 cal. Paper Cartridge Former Master Kit
36 cal. Paper Cartridge Former Master Kit
36 cal. Paper Cartridge Former Master Kit
36 cal. Paper Cartridge Former Master Kit
36 cal. Paper Cartridge Former Master Kit
36 cal. Paper Cartridge Former Master Kit

36 cal. Paper Cartridge Former Master Kit


This is our Master Kit. It comes with the knob and block for the caliber, calibers, or specific guns, the marked dippers for them, and one funnel. It also comes with all the things you need to make paper cartridges except for bullets and powder. This includes two packages of Elements rice paper rolling papers, a 5/8" paper circle cutter, a regular-size All Purpose glue stick, and a 2oz can of black powder lube.

The lube is enough for approximately 200 paper cartridges if the lube is kept hot throughout. If you heat the lube, take it off the heat, and dip until you can no longer dip, it will not last anywhere near as long. The two packages of paper are enough for about 200 rounds of the .36 and .44 if you cut two strips for the body and use the end for two circles (see instructions page). For the larger cartridges, the number is about a half to two thirds, depending on well you combine your cuts.

All of our kits are engineered to fill the chamber so that the top of a conical bullet reaches the very top of the chamber when compressed with the loading lever. Small variances in height can be obtained by how much you fill or overfill the dipper.

For lower power target loads, you fill the powder first, for how much you want to use, then top it off with Cream of Wheat to about an 8th of an inch below the rim of the paper.

For roundballs, if you want them topped right up, you should fill the dipper to overflowing, with a little on the handle.
Experiment with your gun so you don't run into a situation where the bullet or ball will not compress enough to clear the cylinder. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
If you do get stuck, which most of us have, take your cylinder out and hacksaw the top off of the bullet.
None of our kits come with gunpowder, bullets, caps, or of course the guns in the pictures. Our measurements are based on our experience, and you use them at your own risk.

This .36 caliber kit was engineered for the Richmond pattern bullet from Eras Gone Bullet Molds. If you fill the dipper just so that the rim has no powder on it, the top of the bullet will be at the edge of the cylinder.

We are currently testing the Lee .375, and other molds as we happen upon them.

Note that the Richmond bullet does not shave easily in most Italian replicas. You may want to use a pipe on the rammer to gently give yourself more leverage.

Customer Reviews

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John W. Oltremari
My thoughts on the 36 cal. Paper Cartridge Former Master Kit

I have made 50 rice paper cartridges with your kit. All I can say is everything is going well. Your kit is is perfect, but I should have gotten the box to store all my stuff, but since I mess around with wood shop I will make a nice compartmental box for all the components. I have not shot the new pistol Uberti 1851 London Navy. Thank you and God Bless!

Timothy Edge
Can’t believe I went without this for years

I never made consumable cartridges because it seemed like a hassle, but this, mixed with a pack of their bullets or even round ball is an extremely easy way to kill time in a fun way! I made 7x at first in case I flubbed one of them…. I did but was able to easily enough recover and I was 7/7! Will buy more calibers when able.

Conner Price
Works as intended

Fair price and does everything I need it to.

Edward J Boucher

36 cal. Paper Cartridge Former Master Kit

James Pruden
Almost everything needed

With the exception of a paper pattern, this kit is a good value, and has everything I needed to whip out fifty cartridges in no time.
A proper template for cutting out paper for the body of the cartridge is all that is lacking.
I previously made a plastic pattern, so this was not an impediment to making cartridges.
A plastic pattern is all that is missing.
Nice product, which will fill my needs.
Thank You