12 Gauge Paper Cartridge Former Basic Kit

This paper cartridge forming kit is for the 12 gauge shotgun pistol known as the Diablo/Desperado. These are 209 primer guns, and the kit is as yet untested in standard percussion shotguns. 
The long pin is matched to the size of a TrueWave jumbo hair end wrap. This is used for the body of the paper cartridge.  The end of the cartridge utilizes standard cigarette rolling papers. We supply Elements brand rice papers with our kit, but any rolling paper should work fine.  We suggest a 1" circle cutter, which is available at Michaels. 
Cut the paper shorter for cartridges that do not have a long wad, then flush up the bottom of the paper with the bottom of the pin when you glue it.  Any size cartridge can be formed this way, with any combination of powder volume, wad and projectile. 
The dipper included in this kit is 100 grains. This far exceeds the manufacturer's recommendations for this gun, so you should develop a load that works for you, starting small and working up. 
There is a video of how to use this kit, and the various options for loading, at:
All gas seals and wads featured in our videos are from Ballistic Products:
If you want a kit with all of the things you need to build these paper cartridges, our Master Kit is at: https://cartridgekits.com/products/12-gauge-paper-cartridge-former-master-kit
and the Deluxe kit, which also includes the loading block is at:
We also offer a paper cartridge wallet for carrying these cartridges with your Diablo. 

Read Instructions Here

Customer Reviews

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Timothy Pope
Well thought out & made...

Pkg well thought out & made. Real easy to use. Have not used any cartridges yet, but it sure makes for very quick reloading, when made up ahead of time. Only have 4 stars, since I haven't used cartridges yet, otherwise would be 5 stars. THANKS Cartridgekits!


Do you remember when there was real customer service? Well, it's still alive and well at Star & Bullock Hardware. Recently I placed an order with S&B for one of the products. It arrived and I found I had messed up and ordered the wrong components, contacted them and I had the correct product in my hands in days! Good old-time service...with a smile.

Oliver Whetstone
Paper bp shells

The only improvement would have been to make the hardware from wood and not a form of plastic.

John Linge
Just the right size,

Perfect for 12 ga. paper hulls.